Friday, October 29, 2004

Ms. P. grew up in Oxford, where her father was doing post-doc work in biochemistry. This hand-drawn map of the university shows all the points of interest. Around the border are all of the individual colleges including when they were founded (some in the 1200s) and the famous men (all men) who went there. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Last of Max's

Max's Opera Cafe, a restaurant that makes wonderful Jewish deli food and features a piano bar with singing servers, is closing at the end of October 2004. This is Don Zacharias (who happens to be my doctor) playing the piano on the final Thursday night. Posted by Hello

Paul G. moved here from Indianapolis. He is a software engineer who also has played piano for community theater. We talked about Music Circus a little. He had these prints on the wall by David Csicsko, a Chicago artist who has done graphics and stained-glass windows for the Catholic Church. Posted by Hello

Score writer

Dan Dannenfelser, a tuner friend, sent me this picture. It's a demo by an illustrator.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Clutter and Depression glass

Mrs. H., in the fabulous forties (one of Sacramento's best neighborhoods) is gunning for the clutter championship. There are piles of loose paper all over the place on the floor. Ms. V.T., who already is director of music at a Catholic church and has an audiology business, is opening an antique store. She has some Depression wine glasses in her cabinet that she says are worth $125 each. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture. Next time, I'll be more alert and nervy.

This is about the smallest grand I've ever tuned — four feet, six inches. The stretcher comes off, too, which is also unusual. Posted by Hello